Action Item: Find Your Purpose Now

It’s Monday and you need motivation. Well, really you just need some peace, coffee, and time to read online self-improvement lists of tips you will ignore when you can no longer ignore the fact that you need to work. Then you will — with some stink eye and sourpuss — get this week started. 

Time is of the essence, so let’s get to the heart here. You want to be great but you don’t know what it takes and you’re feeling a little cranky because really, what’s all this for? What is your purpose? What is essential? 

These are big questions answerable only in complexing contradictions that don't provide specific action items. Mull them over too long and you could get stuck. But there is a neat shortcut that will bring out your beauty and teach you to tame your beast. 

The secret to being gorgeous and amazing is unthinkably simple and requires recollecting only this basic principle. “Become of the mind that is right now pure and lacking in complications. People in general all seem to be dejected. When one has a pure and uncomplicated mind, one’s expression will be lively."  

This ancient advice for samurais, taken from the Hagakure, still applies. But how we adopt that mode is not obvious. Maybe you feel bad and mad so it’s hard not to look sad. And looking sad, while occasionally charming in black and white photos and film, is frowned upon at work (and pretty much everywhere else, especially for the ladies). So what do you do? 

Do what you must, knowing it must be your purpose. What is essential over the long term is not what you accomplished but how the experience of your existence felt to you and others. As such, learning to cultivate satisfaction should be high on everyone's action item list.

Figuring out what makes you thrive is fine, but deciding to thrive all the time is being a samurai. Those destined for greatness don't have to feel complicated. Everything you do is essential and it's all part of your purpose. 

Simply put, buck up and your day will not suck. Then you will be one less cranky fuck everyone has to handle gingerly and your light will shine. Seriously. That’s all the advice you need to read today.