Freedom Fries: The Red Lodge Does De Beauvoir

A fun read is fun, but freedom is hard won, so this week on The Red Lodge Podcast we discuss a tough essay by Simone De Beauvoir, The Ethics of Ambiguity. Not a feminist work, it is written by a femme in 1947 and so is a feminist act. That may also be why it is so muscular, rich in citations and densely knit, to show whoever doubts that this lady is legit when she says existentialism is liberation philosophy.

De Beauvoir defends existentialism from claims it is amoral or pessimistic, positioning it beyond optimism and pessimism. There is no inherent value and so you truly are free. If it sounds scary, that's because it is. You are not lost. You are God (Oh hello, Hafiz!).

Your passion is not inflicted on you from without, but a matter of personal determination, regardless of religious belief. As SDB says, "One cannot start by saying that our earthly destiny has or has not importance, for it depends upon us to give it importance."

Perception and intention are everything. But that does not just mean positive thinking in the interest of winning. Here comes the hard part. We like results but they are not the point. The point is the path, so no point and knowing it but acting pointedly, beyond seeming losses and wins, definitions undefined.

Freedom fries. Available for free here.