Ellipsis is a player in the Lovesport at MoreCorp, the world's friendliest corporation, headquartered in Silicon. On a team of secret readers in a race to reduce the world's writing, she is pitted against algorithms, not-bosses, and teammates, including her true love, in a farcical fight for a rare spot on the company scrapheap. She wishes for a less lizard-brained life. Will winning help her relax into greatness? Or is the game more dangerous than MoreCorp lets on? El can't tell. Because when the text is taken out of context, what's left is a con.   

1. Lovesport: Way stated is not constant way. 

2. Nowpow: Before and after follow each other. 

3. Relax Into Greatness: No action and order prevails. 

4. X-Country: Blunt sharpness, untangle knots, soften glare.

5. Trees Please: Ruthless, treat myriad creatures as straw doges. 

6. Silicon: Dimly visible, barely there yet use never drains it. 

7. Founders Keepers: Puts person last and it comes first. 

8. Disco Ninjas: In speech, it is good faith that matters. 

9. Plus This: Rather than fill it to the brim, better to stop in time.

10. Interview With the Spampire: Deep discernment knows nothing. 

11. Whitewash: Thirty spokes share one hub. 

12. Everything Is Compost: Goods hard to come by hinder progress. 

13. Destiny: Favor and disgrace are things that startle. 

14. Data: Image without substance is indistinct and shadowy. 

15. Kat & Doge: Too profound to be known. 

16. The Dead Sea Scrolls: Returning to one’s roots is known as stillness. 

17. Bonuses: When there is not enough faith, there is lack of good faith. 

18. Babe Con: When cleverness emerges there is great hypocrisy. 

19. Winter Summer: Exhibit the unadorned, embrace uncarved block. 

20. Scoresheet: Between yay and nay what difference? 

21. Mind Game: Follows the way and the way only. 

22. An Eyebrow: Bowed down then preserved, bent then straight. 

23. The Humble Servant: Use words but rarely. 

24. Colored Pills: Brags will have no merit, boasts will not endure. 

25. Good to be King: In the realm, four things are great, and king is one. 

26. King Is Dead: Rests peacefully and is above worries. 

27. American Dreams: Excels in reckoning, uses no counting rods. 

28. ART: As valley to the empire, greatest cutting will not sever. 

29. Poison Brew: Some destroy and some are destroyed. 

30. Game On: Bring it to a conclusion but do not intimidate. 

31. Happiness No Country: No glory in victory, the inevitable killing. 

32. Dogehouse: Knowing when to stop, be free from danger. 

33. Interview With the Self: Knows others is clever, self, discerning. 

34. Tight Leash: Called small, lays no claim to mastery, yet is great. 

35. Photo Booth: Way not seen or heard cannot be exhausted by use. 

36. Adieu Silicon: Submissive and weak overcomes hard and strong. 

37. Forest Eye Can Tell: Uncarved block is but freedom from desire. 


TLDR logo by Winston Conrad.